Ana Gentilhomem
Ana Gentilhomem is a Clinical Psychologist. She is responsible for the communication of the studio.

Eduardo Montenegro
Eduardo Montenegro is an Architect and Photographer. He takes care of the photography and editing assets of the studio.
Architectural photographer?
An architectural photographer is a skilled individual that has technical knowledge on operating photographic gear and is sensible on how to approach architecture and communicate it through images.

Where is the value in your work?
Every architect needs an architectural photographer to communicate his ideas. A good image is invaluable since it is the most accessible - and for most people - the only viewpoint of an architect work.

What services does an architectural photographer provide?
High quality photography of the following fields - architecture (interior, exterior, aerial), construction, models and furniture, etc. Everything that involves architecture and a camera.
How is your work process?
We believe that quality prevails over quantity. This idea is present in everything that we do - from the time we spend studying the project before the session to the post production time invested fine-tuning the final images.

Why should I work with you?
We mainly work with long term clients and we like to keep contact with all the people we work with, so if you are looking for a partnership to develop architectural photography, you are in the right place.

Do you do weddings?